Pulmonary Artery Catheter (PAC, Swan)

  RudolfI am fan of using of PACs long time ago. I am just try to utilize the cardiac cycle to move it. It looks like a boat floating through the heart. First; i have to think if i really need it and it will affect the patient’s outcome? Are there any alternatives? Second; I […]

Tracheostomy and Trach Emergencies

Head-of-Bed Signs and UK Trach Safety Project http://tracheostomy.org.uk//Templates/Algorithms.html When to Trach Consider when > than 14 days of intubation are planned. Risks include: Tracheoinnominate Artery Fistula (TIA)-causes severe airway bleeding which can be fatal.  Consider hyperinflating the cuff to tamponade bleeding as temporizing measure.  In differential of any bleeding >48 hours after placement. Tracheoesophageal Fistula […]


Bronchoscopy simulator online http://www.bronchoscopy.org/ for training and maybe even better http://www.thoracic-anesthesia.com/?page_id=2&langswitch_lang=en   need 2mm larger ET tube than diameter of scope, so 8mm tube to use adult size bronchoscope Anaesthesia 2012, 67, 1042–1056   Procedure from Practical Bronchoscopy Some bronchoscopists prefer to face the sitting or lying patient whilst others stand behind the head of […]